City of Roswell Opens Second Splashpad® to Meet Demand

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The City of Roswell’s Splashpad® at Riverside Park had become such an attraction that the park was consistently overcrowded and the city quickly identified that a second one was needed to accommodate the volume of users.

The East Roswell Park was the perfect location, it had an unused batting cage that had been used for the Olympics, and there was an available building with utilities for the mechanical equipment. A second building was added to collect a small admission fee and house a concession stand, and large Shade Cantilevers are placed around the pad to provide a comfortable place for parents and children to relax. An octagonal Pavilion with picnic tables gives families a place to share lunch so the Splashpad® visit can be extended.

Jeff Pruitt, City of Roswell Parks Administrator, had this to say about the Splashpad® and its success: “The East Rowell Splashpad® has been a huge success. It has become a destination point not only for Roswell residents but also for the surrounding areas. We had seen the success that the Riverside Park Splashpad® had and how crowded it was becoming, so we started throwing around adding another Splashpad®. With the economy struggling, we also saw this Splashpad® as an opportunity for family’s to have a “staycation” where it is enjoyable for the whole family. Since its opening, it has been crowded every day and the private rental of it and the pavilion on Wednesdays has offset any cost associated with its maintenance and upkeep.”

Since its opening, the Splashpad® has hosted approximately 10,000 people and over 75 parties. It is set to re-open for the season over the Memorial Day Holiday.



So You Wanna Build a Splash Pad?

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By Glenn Barrie, North East Region Manager, Vortex Aquatics Structures

And why not? It’s a new year, the temperature is below freezing in most of North America and snow blankets the ground… It’s the perfect time to plan your splash pad!

For the past several years, splash pads have topped the request list of recreation amenities most desired by municipalities and their citizens.  These zero-depth aquatics facilities are a cost-effective method for municipal clients small and large, to offer summer time fun in the face of ever-shrinking budgets. Although splash pads have been around since the mid-1980’s (and even before in various incarnations), there are a great many questions that clients have as to how to successfully execute a splash pad project. So what is a municipal official to do?

The answer is simple.  Arm yourself with information. And do so by attending an educational seminar on the subject. More...

Designing a Splashpad: 7 essential steps

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By Martina Madlener, Inside Sales support/ Splashpad Designer

Designing a Splashpad that incorporates all the necessary aspects sound easier then it is. A Splashpad needs to be appealing to the eye, be accessible to all and most important of all; be fun. To achieve this well balanced design, you simply need to follow some essential steps. Every Splashpad is different, the shape, the size, the mix of products and the overall look will most likely always vary. But there are some common factors that should be present in all designs to make it the best Splashpad it can be! More...

Entire community helped make Splashpad® possible in South Stormont, Ontario

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LONG SAULT — After putting up with a few weather-related delays, the new Splashpad® at the Arnold Bethune Memorial Park in Long Sault is almost ready.

South Stormont Parks and Recreation Supervisor Kevin Amelotte said the project had been expected to be wrapped up a few days ago, but due to the rain and recent windstorm, the construction was forced to shut down for a few days.

"But they got a good portion of it completed," said Amelotte. "It's just a matter of pouring the actual pad itself."

Amelotte said all the electrical and infrastructure work has been completed and he was expecting the contractor to be on site shortly to pour the pad, and after that, the only thing left is for the plumbers to connect the plumbing for drainage.

"The rest of the work, like the landscaping, the installation of the benches and garbage cans will be done in the spring," said Amelotte. Although partially funded by grants from the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund and some money coming from tax coffers, a large part of the project was funded by the residents of South Stormont. More...

City of Pasco WA to buy Splashpad equipment without going for a bid

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Artist rendering of new Splashpad®

Article originally published in The News Tribune

Pasco plans to buy equipment for a new Splashpad® without going out for bid.

The city council discussed at its Monday workshop waiving the bidding requirements so it can spend $93,089 on equipment for a water playground at Kurtzman Park.

City Manager Gary Crutchfield recommended buying the equipment from Vortex Aquatic Structures International of Quebec, Canada, because it also equipped the spray park at the Memorial Park pool. More...

Buttery Brook Park, South Hadley, MA adds improvements including a Vortex Splashpad®

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Artist's rendition of new Splashpad®

Original article by Gena Mangiaratti - Daily Hampshire Gazette

SOUTH HADLEY — Buttery Brook Park will close Nov. 1 as work begins on renovations that have been planned for nearly a decade.

Improvements will include a Vortex Splashpad®, new playground equipment and a relocation of the skate park, said Department of Public Works Superintendent James Reidy. More...

Learn how to winterize your Splashpad with Vortex! - LIVE webinar Tuesday October 22nd at 1pm EDT/10am PDT

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Does your community shut down its Splashpads for the winter?

Not sure what to do to prepare your Splashpad® for the colder climate?

Would you like to avoid damage to your Splashpad® and ensure a smooth spring startup? 

Top 3 tips for winterizing your Splashpad:

  • Make sure no water remains in play features
  • Make sure no water stays in the supply lines
  • Make sure water is completely purged from the water management system 

Properly preparing a Splashpad® before shutting it down for the winter is essential to ensuring a smooth and trouble free spring startup. Following the correct winterization procedure will help avoid equipment damage through cold winter months and facilitate startup during the spring. 


Donald Doucette - Field Technician for Vortex Aquatic Structures will guide attendees through the proper winterization protocols for both FT (Flow-through) and WQMS (Re-circulating) Splashpad® water management systems. 


Vortex introduces Water Journeys™, an innovation in aquatic play for public & commercial spaces.

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The inspiration for this new amenity is a running stream. A stream is an oasis of tranquility in nature where reflection, play and renewal happen. 

Vortex Aquatic Structures International has been a leader in aquatic play for over 18 years, manufacturing safe, economical and sustainable aquatic play amenities. Water Journeys™ is Vortex’s latest innovation and provides landscape architects and aquatic designers with new opportunities to create remarkable landmarks that are cross generational.   Water Journeys™ is a linear ground play area, created in imitation of nature’s water systems and includes: boating, flow management, rivers, and streams in a four module game installation. Like in nature, what happens in one area of the stream impacts the conditions further downstream.  Children will quickly learn how their play affects others.  Each game module offers a different interactive play experience and provides people of all ages a chance to engage in the Water Journeys® meeting place. More...

Blue Heron Bay at Independence Lake County Park in MI wins NACPRO Award

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Vortex Aquatic Structures International extends, a well deserved congratulations to Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission for winning the award for the Blue Heron Bay Splashpad® they opened Memorial Day Weekend (May) 2013.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International is overjoyed by the recognition Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission will receive for the extraordinary spray park they built and that Vortex Midwest could be part of the project.The NACPRO awards are annual recognition given to individuals, programs and innovative installations that contribute to the American park system. The category for which Blue Heron Bay at Independence Lake County Park won – the Park and Recreation Award (Class I) -  was to honor and focus national attention on their spray park installation as the best in design, planning, construction and benefit to the community. More...

Trickle Down Theory: Boosting Waterpark Fun to Grow Revenues, Build Community

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Article originally from Recreation Management Magazine by Rick Dandes

Smaller waterparks, both privately run and those operated and funded by local municipalities, are finding new and creative ways to survive, and even prosper, within tight budget constraints. In fact, many municipalities now understand that their waterparks are not only beneficial to the well-being of residents, but can also be a financial asset to the bottom line of their annual parks and recreation budgets. More...

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